In.dec.or.ous: adjective
1: lacking propriety and good taste in manners and conduct.
2: not in keeping with accepted standards of what is right or proper in polite society.

Prints & some originals available in the UK and soon in Europe.

About our Prints

What paper do you use?

 The Somerset range of mould made papers are crafted at St Cuthberts Mill by a team of master paper-makers, to the very highest archival quality. Somerset is made with 100% cotton which is not only archival, when damp it is also flexible, malleable and conforms readily to the surface of the printing plate, allowing the ink to pass to the paper. The surface has an elegant, soft texture and is strong and stable enough to ensure excellent colour printing. The paper remains flat after printing and offers durability and long life to finished editions of work. St Cuthberts Mill prides itself on making Somerset with consistency of surface and shade across different makings of paper. The range has been developed to meet the exacting requirements of different printmaking techniques. • Mould made• Acid Free & archival• 100% cotton• Deckle edges• Watermarked*• Lightfast shades • Calcium carbonate buffered• Dimensionally stable• Consistent quality


Because Greg mainly drew on Copy Paper. That’s right. Typewriter paper. Any paper really. Whatever W.H.Smiths had on sale usually. Every once in a while a new A3 pad would turn up, inevitably with a ‘Discounted’ sticker on it. When he accepted he had quite a talent for all things creative, he might treat himself to a Daler Heavy Weight Cartridge Pad, some new inking pens and a lump of clay.
  It was quite a shock showing the images to Gallery owners, who often blurted out ‘They’re on….er…it’s copy paper?’ as they gently handled Greg’s Erotica, the images almost translucent when held up to the light. Much like his socks and underwear.
  Fortunately for us, todays scanning techniques are superb, and I assure you minimal digital editing has taken place so the image you recieve is as if it were pulled straight from under his bed.

Do you

  Absolutely. A simple black frame with a single mount is the best way to view the Erotica in my opinion.
  Prints are also available on their own or Mounted, allowing you to find your own frame. Prints will be delivered in a tube, so have a look online for the best way to unroll them without smearing the ink or bending the thick paper.
  I personally suggest ordering a Mounted Print for the frame size you require and save yourself such hassle. Mounted Prints will be delivered flat packed and sealed so the experience of unwrapping them and seeing the image for the first time is much akin to tearing the corner off a big present at Christmas when you’re nine to read ‘Eagles Adventure Centre’. Best present ever Dad. I’ve still got it too!

  I’m happy to say we deliver the majority of images globally!
  Please bear in mind that I am based in the UK, so shipping outside of Europe is expensive. If you have a local Fine Art Printer you trust, it maybe possible for me to email them the image you require. Regretfully, for Copyright reasons, such images would need to be edited to have a small non intrusive watermark to avoid further reproduction.
  Our delivery is via a ‘Sign for Service’ by Royal Mail

*Prices are dependant on size and packaging. Check the delivery options for details when ordering.


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